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Farewell Skins

Monday saw the final episode of Skins, read my review. What did you think about Season Two? Want to know if Skins has been renewed for a third season? What do we currently know about season three? Skins returns in early 2009!

News: Connor Chronicles Renewal Confirmed

Attention Sarah Connor Chronicles Fans - Your wishes have been granted with The Sarah Connor Chronicles being renewed for a second season. It may have been a close call based on the length of time spent on the decision...

I had mixed feelings about the first season. But it has been confirmed by Fox that the Connors will continue their fight against SkyNet and return to our small screens in the fall of next year.

You can read all the details over at Digital Spy &

ANZAC Day - Lest We Forget

They shall grow not old
As we who are left grow old
Age shall not weary them
Nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun
And in the morning
We will remember them

Lest We Forget

News: Dollhouse starts shooting today!

Joss Whedon is again going to grace our screens with his latest endeavour entitled "Dollhouse" which begins shooting today.

Eliza Dushku (Buffy [Faith], Tru Calling [Tru] is playing the lead role as Echo.
"Each is a member of a group of people known as "Actives" or "Dolls" who have had their personalities wiped clean so they can be imprinted with any number of new personas, including memory, muscle memory, skills, and language, for different assignments. They're then hired out for particular jobs, crimes, fantasies, and occasional good deeds. In between tasks, they are mind-wiped into a child-like state and live in a futuristic dormitory/laboratory, a hidden facility nicknamed "The Dollhouse". The story follows Echo, who begins, in her mind-wiped state, to become self-aware."
As a huge Whedon fan I look forward to watching the series later this year!

Links: Wiki | Whedonesque

Review: PayPerPost

The revolution of the internet may see the decline of newspaper circulation as the way we choose to get our news fix evolves. With Blogging coming more and more popular outlet for anyone to report on anything. Businesses are now looking for new avenues to promote their companies and products. This gives bloggers the opportunity to quite literally get paid to do what they love - blog.

payperpost is a company which has emerged to offer this to bloggers worldwide. In a simple progress you are able to sign up and once you're blog is approved you are able choose the products or companies which you choose to blog about and be rewarded in return. Approval is straight forward, you must have been blogging for a set amount of time and have been an active blogger.

Once your post has been active for 30 days you receive payment. You also have given the option to donate your earnings to charity if you so wish. You are paid direction into you PayPal account.

Everything is straight forward and well explained on the payperpost site and there is help if required. Its a great opportunity to take a more direction action to earn money from your blogging efforts.

News: New Amsterdam's Fate Uncertain

At this stage there is no confirmed word weather or not New Amsterdam will see the light of day for its second season. It would appear that Fox are looking for planned story arcs before making a decision about New Amsterdam.

David Manson the Executive Producer says:
"...the ratings were only okay to marginal, amidst stiff competition, but the DVR and download numbers look pretty good."
David would like the fans to continue their campaign for renewal. He strongly believes it has an effect on the network's and their decision. The fans have three weeks to influence the decision.

You can learn about what you can do to ensure renewal. Discuss the efforts @


News: Farscape Reborn as a Comic Book

In what seems to be a ever growing form of continuing story telling for axed television shows. Farscape will continue flying in a new medium as a Comic Book. Announced today "Boom!" Studios have agreed upon licensing terms with The Jim Henson Company for a comic-book series based on Farscape.

We also have the upcoming webisodes to look forward to which are due to be released this year.

"It's so exciting to work with Boom! Studios on this project knowing that their team members are true fans of the show," Henson said. "Working with one of our favourite comic publishers, we know our loyal supporters will enjoy these original adventures while new audiences will have a fantastic introduction to the Farscape universe."

We'll bring you news and reviews once released!


News: Sarah Connor Renewed for Season Two

We've just been told that Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been renewed for a second season. Fox is yet to confirm.

Allthough Fox declined comment, multiple sources confirm to me exclusively that Terminator : Sarah Connor Chronicles has been renewed for a second season.

Review: The IT Crowd: The Work Outing

Season 2 / Episode 1 / "The Work Outing"
"True Comedy Genius."
Click to read review - may contain spoilers

Absolute comedy genius this week and what a great start to season two of The IT Crowd. How do Moss & Roy get themselves into such outrageous situations? When attending a gay musical with a workmate who appears to fancy Jen but a few signs point to him being homosexual. Once at the musical Moss & Roy get stage fright while going to the toilet because of the attendant. We see Roy use the disabled toilet and pull on the alarm thinking it was the flusher.

I haven't laughed this hard or long in a quite some time. Brilliant writing, quirky characters and outrageous situations had me laughing nonstop for the entire length of this episode. Comedy this funny is few and far between.

I was worried that the writers may have run out of material after season 1, but they have come back stronger than ever and have set the bar very high for the rest of the episodes.

I cannot recommend this show highly enough. This is a show that you can't afford to miss.

Summary: New Amsterdam: Season 1

Summary / New Amsterdam / Season 1
"New Amsterdam started off strong with a some-what fresh idea but lacked something."
Click to read review - may contain spoilers

I really enjoyed the first few episodes of New Amsterdam, the idea was some what fresh and gave the writers had a lot to play with. We all enjoy visiting the past and seeing what was and John's 400 years gives us a lot of opportunities to do that. New Amsterdam started off really strong but fell into a rut mid season. The whole show is resting on the shoulders of one actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who plays the lead character. The supporting cast are left in John Amsterdam's shadow with no outstanding performances.

The show lacks a strong sense of humour, which would really help pull the show together. The show is similar to Joss Whedon's "Angel" in some respects (minus the blood drinking). But at times New Amsterdam takes itself a little too seriously.

The season was cut short due to Fox and the writers strike which was another sore point for New Amsterdam. It crippled the show, not having a full run to capture an audience and left viewers brooding with a lack of closure with a story ending half way through.

Only time will tell if John Amsterdam will be able to continue his quest to find his one true love and gain mortality... If we hear the news either way we will let you know.

Review: New Amsterdam: Love Hurts

Season 1 / Episode 8 / "Love Hurts"
"Just another episode, what happened to season final?"
Click to read review - may contain spoilers

After discovering last week that this was going to be the final episode I had my hopes up for something worthy of a season finale. I find myself sorely disappointed, this episode was just another normal week in John's life, nothing extraordinary. But I think we have Fox and the writers strike to blame. As I believe that 13 episodes were ordered but the rest were canceled after episode 8. So this would explain why things were left so 'open'.

Again we get a peek at John's darker side, good to see that he hasn't used his powers for good for his entire life. His play fight with his captain was predictable, but really what got my back up was the fact that the owner of "Soulmates" couldn't smell the difference between scotch and apple juice. What this show is missing is a little streak of comedy...

There is no confirmed word if New Amsterdam will be given a green light for season two. Its disappointing that the shows creators didn't get a chance to play out their ideas for a whole 13 episode run. I really hope they had grander ideas than what we have seen so far.

The closing scene is true to form, only an immortal would walk in the middle of a New York City street...

Rant: Skins: Season 3: What we Know so far

There is very limited information about Season 3 of Skins as it is only in the early stages of planning. The producers are current holding auditions to find new cast members in the UK. As the previous cast have been axed and will be replaced every two years.

But as previously tipped: Jamie Brittain has informed us that the third season will definitely include Effy (Tony's sister).

He has also said:
"...that the new cast will be quite different from the original cast, but people may see some similarities..."
The season will also centre around a character in which he describes as "A nasty piece of work". A character from eastern Europe will take centre stage and in a interesting story arc a set of twins.

The producers of Skins are hoping to capture a new generation of Skins fans and keep the following they have built up so far. Its set to air in early 2009. We'll keep you informed.

News: Skins: Renewed for Season Three

Its the question on everyone's lips: Will Skins be renewed for season 3?

Well the answer is YES and will air in early 2009.

But unfortunately as previously reported we will be following the life's of new teenagers. Not the cast of the past two seasons. Fans have had mixed emotions about the fact that their beloved characters have been axed and will be replaced. But it will give Skins writers the chance at writing new storylines. Although we have come to love the current cast and many feel that we haven't had a good chance to say goodbye nor had any closer on many current storylines. Sid and Cassie's fate in New York being the most talked about.

The show's co-creator Bryan Elsley said: That as season 2 ends with the characters going to different universities, it won't be possible to keep on following them and the show will replace the cast every two years.

Elsley said:
"It’s exciting – we never stand still. We can tell stories in a new way.”

There has been one open audition has been held in Bristol, where the show is set, which attracted 1, teenagers. A second is planned for London in April 2008. Producers are also nabbing potentials at parties across the UK. The producers have hinted that some old faces may make guess appearances.

Summary: Skins: Season 2

Summary / Skins / Season 2
"Lacked punch compared to Season 1, with a lot of time spent dealing with darker issues."
Click to read review - may contain spoilers

Season 1 of Skins was fresh, something different almost a Dawson's Creek on party drugs. They didn't pull any punches and it was an in your face like it or lump it. Season two took a darker turn, we were confronted with Tony's accident and the group having to deal with his new found disability. The writers were put in a position where they had a shocking ending to season one but had to follow through and deal with the aftermath.

My favourite episode this season would have to be Episode 5 dealing with Chris who would have to be my favourite character. We also discovered mid season that the creator had made the decision to replace the cast every two seasons. Giving us fresh faces and new stories. Fans have come together in an attempt to save the current cast members from being axed. But I'm sure that their fate is already sealed.

Overall the season took a different direction from the first. While it is important that shows evolve as their characters do Skins still managed to stay true to its form. Replacing the cast maybe a risky move and I was disappointed in the way that so many things were left open at the end of this season.

We'll see what the future holds for Skins later this year...

Review: Skins: Everyone (Episode 10)

Season 2 / Episode 10 / "Everyone"
"Disappointed but sad."
Click to read review - may contain spoilers

I know what I wanted from the season finale of Skins. I wanted to see the characters deal with Chris's death and for us to farewell the current characters and maybe have a sneak peak into what the furture holds for Season 3 of Skins. But I'm left a little disappointed. In a stupid prank Sid & Tony steal Chris's coffin and have a car chase around town. This was sticking to the 'in your face' comedy styling that Skins is know for. But I have to say that I found it a little distasteful.

Everyone who has graduated High School understands that its the end of an era. Leaving High School is a big deal, your whole world changes. Friends you've know for years part ways and things really are never the same. The episode hang true to that fact.

My complaint about this episode is that things are simply left up in the air, Sid & Cassie's relationship is left unresolved. We don't get to see Tony & Michelle say goodbye. What is Jal doing? It's true that things change once High School is over but it would have made sense to have a final shindig or farewell party before everyone parts ways.

I did enjoy the final scene giving us a chance to farewell the current cast. It would also appear that Effy maybe taking centre stage next season. Although, nothing is confirmed, so maybe they will follow up on Sid & Cassie next season? If we learn anything about next season we will let you know.

But I'm left disappointed overall with the episode, we as viewers need closer. But I'm left with hope that maybe next season we'll see what came of Sid & Cassie. Farewell to the current cast of Skins it's been a journey!

Review: Underbelly: Suffer The Children

Season 1 / Episode 9 / "Suffer The Children"
"This is what Television is all about."
Click to read review - may contain spoilers

Excellent, after last week's effort Underbelly is back on track. Suffer the Children is exactly what Underbelly should be. The episode was paced well, all the events playing out and well timed. I'd also like to note the lack of sex in this episode. They seem to use Sex Scenes as filler, if there isn't anything exciting happening in the story they use sex as the filler.

The killing of the final Moran brother was brutal exactly as Carl would have wanted it. The crime so heartless and it was portrayed extremely well on screen.

I was starting to loose faith in Underbelly but this week they really delivered. They returned things to original standard of the first few episodes. Great television and I'm proud that it was produced in Australia.

Rant: Skins: Chris`s Illness Confirmed

Spoiler Warning : If you haven't watched Skins Season 2 Episode 9 don't continue reading.

In our first post we were close, but last night`s episode revealed the truth.

In this weeks episode we have confirmed the exact illness that Chris from Skins was suffering.

Chris in his own words revealed the sickness he was suffering was a "genetically acquired
subarachnoid hemorrhage". He also stated that he was taking pills to lower his blood pressure.

Wikipedia says:

Subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), or subarachnoid haemorrhage, is bleeding into the subarachnoid space surrounding the brain, the area between the arachnoid membrane and the pia mater. The bleeding may occur spontaneously, usually from a cerebral aneurysm, or may result from trauma. Regardless of the cause, it is regarded as a medical emergency. Symptoms include an intense headache with a rapid onset, vomiting, and an altered level of consciousness.
Chris displays all of this symptoms in the episode. Although, I couldn't find any strong evidence that it is a hereditary condition. Only that you have a increased risks of the disease compared to the general populace if you're parents had the condition.

So in episode 8 he had a bleeding on the brain which most likely clotted causing increased pressure on the brain. Then he had an operation to remove the clot by placing a wire into the vein on his inner leg.

Lucky this is Skins we're talking about and not a medial drama like E.R.

Related Information: Google | Wikipedia

Review: Skins: Cassie (Episode 9)

Season 2 / Episode 9 / "Cassie"
"What just happened?"
Click to read review - may contain spoilers

I'm still trying to digest this episode. What a weird hour of television. At first I found myself angry. For the fact that they were playing down the climax of last week's show. A five minute music montage and Chris is right as rain. Cassie is a complex character to say the least. Getting Sid punched in the face on purpose? I enjoyed the Disco scene at her school but this made little sense overall.

Cassie did speak words of truth saying that everyone is "messed" up and that everyone was going to leave and go their separate ways. Chris's mother comes into the picture and Cassie learns that lying to protect the people you love maybe appropriate in some circumstances.

Then Chris dies (which is quite shockingly graphic) and Cassie flees the country before the ambulance crew can even pronounce Chris is dead. We then find ourselves watching Cassie in New York. Look normally I love watching Skins its a wild ride, where you never know where you are going to end up. This episode gave me such mixed emotions.

First I thought that Chris's condition was an effort to jump the shark. Then Cassie was making no sense to anyone. Chris dies, then Cassie finds the money to flee overseas? After she had stolen a shirt for Chris? Plus she had said that she never wanted to leave Sid? For a while there I thought that maybe next season we're going to see a USA version of Skins...

Skins is normally best when you just go with it, don't think or process what you're watching. But this week they missed the mark. Sure everyone is a little messed up, they should have ended things on a high. Not on a depressing note with Cassie running away not being able to face things. Next week looks like its going to focus again on Chris's death.

Its going to be the last episode in which we can farewell the current case of skins as they will be replaced in season three. Please end things on a high note! Its been a great series so far, please don't ruin it!

Review: New Amsterdam: Reclassified

Season 1 / Episode 7 / "Reclassified"
"Back on track, but a few mistakes hold New Amsterdam back from what it should be."
Click to read review - may contain spoilers

This week more of John's fairly recent past is revealed. John is reunited with his old partner Andy, to learn of his cancer due to his shooting. (Great to see some old faces this week - Chris Bauer who played Fred in Third Watch & Kristine Sutherland who played Joyce Summers in Buffy).

Reclassified was predictable in parts, particularly the ending. John solves the case and of course Andy dies happy. I think I would have rather seen Andy die with his wife by his side not his old partner who he hasn't spoken to in some time. The story did twist and turn, but not enough for it to be interesting.

The ending scene where John gets shot was surprising, yet expected with the gang boss claiming that he was a dead man. The episode really should have ended there and left us in suspense for next week. But instead we're given a dream sequence which doesn't make any sense and then we see that John is awaking in hospital.

Plus I thought that John's girlfriend "Dr. Sara Dillane" would have reacted to John's shooting with a little more professionalism. She's a doctor she would have inspected the wound while applying pressure while calling 911. Having her scream for help adds more drama but is unrealistic.

Mistakes like this make this show less enjoyable. I look forward to what we will be given for the season finale and if New Amsterdam will be renewed for a second season.

Review: Movie: Cloverfield

"An incredible modern day monster movie told from a unique viewpoint."
Click to read review - may contain spoilers

Cloverfield is something different, something that hasn't been done before. A modern day monster movie similar to King Kong or Godzilla but told using a unique point of view similar to Blair Witch. This is what gives Cloverfield its edge, you feel as if you're watching things as they happen. You know as much as the characters do. As the story unfolds you discover everything as the characters with you.

The way that the monster is revealed slowly and the special effects aren't overdone leaves everything feeling raw and real. Clever online marketing built up the hype and tension towards the release of Cloverfield. With the first trailer being shown at the premier of Transformers and being left unnamed. We saw MySpace profiles for the character show up, other mysterious websites all linking into the plot somehow. This all added to the storytelling and is so much more successful than trailers and posters alone.

Cloverfield has so much to offer, everytime I watch Cloverfield I pick up something I missed the last time. The movie is paced perfectly, building up to a climaxes then coming back down for a breather right until the very end. There isn't anything that I didn't like about this movie.

A truly great effort from everyone involved. There is rumours about a second Cloverfield movie next year. They will most likely keep a tight lid on any information as they did for the first movie. But if we hear anything we will let you know.

If you haven't already seen Cloverfield, or if you have seen it only once - I recommend you watch Cloverfield.

Review: StatCounter

Technology / Analytics - Website Hit Counter - Visitor Tracking
"The clear leader of the pack."

The Good: StatCounter offer excellent visitor reports, the ability to track individual visitors to getting an exact picture of where they came from and what pages they viewed, you can even label them for easy reference. You can manage multiple sites from within the one control panel. Its free, you don't have to display their logo. Plus they can email you reports once a week or month. You can use a blocking cookie to ignore your visits or block IP addresses. You can even export the data.

The Bad: The only thing I could even suggest as being a negative is the advertising placed on the StatCounter website. But what website doesn't have advertising these days?

Summary: This is the clear winner with the detailed reports allowing you to know what is popular and produce more of that content. You don't have to display a logo, they email you reports and you can export the data.

Verdict: This is my pick of the analytic programs, but it is closely followed by Google Analytics who do produce more professional looking reports.

Links: StatCounter.

Rant: Skins: Chris`s Illness

Spoiler Warning : If you haven't watched Skins Season 2 Episode 8 don't continue reading.

The post you are reading was posted after episode 8. In episode 9 everything was confirmed. You can find updated details here @ an UPDATED POST: Chris's Illness Confirmed.

We're receiving a few emails from savy viewer's of E4's series Skins. All attempting to make sense of the turn of events in the last episode where Chris's illness was revealed. Everyone is asking "What condition did Chris have?" heres our take on it:

The only clues that we are given during the episode is that it is a hereditary illness, that his brother died from the same illness, he has to undergo an operation because there is a blood clot in his brain and they are keeping him in a drug induced coma to prevent brain damage. It was also revealed that he has been taking pills in an effort to deal with the sickness.

With these in mind there are a few conditions in which Chris could be suffering. The most likely is Hereditary Thrombphilia which matches the symptoms and drugs are offer used to thin the blood to prevent clotting.

We might be given more details next episode.

Review: Underbelly: Earning A Crust

Season 1 / Episode 8 / "Earning A Crust"
"Fact or fiction..."
Click to read review - may contain spoilers

Underbelly is starting to loose credibility. At the centre of this week's episode is Moran's underground money loaning operation. Which stags a teenager whose dream it is to open his own hot pie van business. First he is offered the money at no doubt interest free rates by Mrs Williams but declines. He is then declined at the banks... So then when the clear option would be to return to Mrs Williams he goes to a loan shark at and signs up at some stupidly high interest rate... Of course he can't make the repayments and the loan shark takes his grandmother's property as payment. Look, before this he should have went to Mrs Williams and asked to borrow the money and repay the shark. Even when Mrs Williams witnesses the shark taking goods for payment she does nothing but insult the shark. When clearly she should have offered to pay the kids debt.

This is a major plot hole or maybe something that the writers have made up to make us feel more attached... But it seems that they are using this event as the straw that broke the camels back. With Carl now declaring war on the Moran family.

Again I think underbelly is distorting the story too much in order to hype things up to keep us watching. Truth is always better than fiction. I just can't buy that a kid who wanted to start his own business would be so stupid not to see a solution right under his nose and then kill himself, because that wouldn't clear his debt anyway.

Review: Google Reader

Technology / News Reader / Google Reader

Web feeds and Aggregators aren't by any means new. But basically they allow you to "subscribe" to your favourite websites and receive new content in one central location when it is posted. So instead of having to visit all of your favourite blogs, websites and so forth they are delivered directly to you.

A large percent of these have been software which you can run on a single computer. But with the launch of Google Reader and being a web based system you can now check your feeds from any computer with an internet connection. Which is handy for people who use multiple computers and is available on the road on your mobile.

Google Reader is available to anyone with a Google Account and it is easy enough to sign up if you don't already have one. It's extremely easy to subscribe to new feeds, you can also make it your default feed handler. It works with your Gmail account so you can spam interesting items to friends.

You can also share items, which produces a web feed for your friends to subscribe to or you can share it on your blog. The built in search feature is also very extremely handy. The reader will also give you a list of Tends about your habits.

Also in a very cool feature as it learns more about you and based on your current subscriptions it will suggestion other feeds you maybe interested in. You are also able to use keyboard short cuts for quick navigation and can make subfolders or categories for your feeds.

Google Reader is up there with the best of them! Why not give it a try today and subscribe to the Sixty Review Review Feed?

Review: Skins: Jal (Episode 8)

Season 2 / Episode 8 / "Jal"
"A serious issue with a serious twist."
Click to read review - may contain spoilers

I've said it before and I'll say it again. You never know what to expect from Skins and this week we have a look at the serious issue of teen pregnancy. Larissa Wilson at the tender age of 19 who plays Jal gives an impressive performance. Cassie plays an almost twisted fairy god mother with her wrapped advice and guidance.

Learning this week that our beloved cast was being replaced come season three shows that they really can really let loose on the characters towards the end of the series. Chris's illness was hinted at mid way through the episode but my attention was instantly pointed back at Jal's condition.

It does have a sense of suddenness about it, we've never been given any clues about Chris's condition before. But again that's what a good twist is all about - you don't see it coming. There is also a hint of resemblance to the story. I can almost predict that Chris will die and Jal will have their child in his memory.

We're getting towards the business end of the series with two episodes left. It will be interesting to see how they wrap things up. I enjoyed this weeks episode but hope we can get back to something less depressing next week.

Looking for answers to the mystery illness?

Rant: The Moment TV Died

I was unlucky enough tonight to witness the episode which launched "The Moment of Truth" into the headlines. The beginning of the episode had been edited to even increase the tension, and probably the money making ability via hype. With the host of the show reading from the Teleprompter that he didn't want this episode to air.

Is this what Television has evolved into, people putting a price on their privacy and dignity? We all know that Television networks have their sights set on profits and people are always out to make a quick dollar. But isn't this going a little too far?

I couldn't help but cringe as the "contestant" was bombarded with personal questions until something had to give. With her whole family & husband of two years looking onwards. They dropped bombshell after bombshell. Releasing all of the skeletons she had in her huge closet.

She came with the aim of getting rich, the network rubbed its hands together and her husband learned the truth about her wife all in front of millions.

She left with no money, a marriage in pieces and a very red face. Truly car crash television.

Rant: Skins Replace Current Cast for Season 3

Related News Post : Skins Cast Axed.

There has been mixed emotions since the announcement was made that show creator Bryan Elsley has plans to axe the current cast of Skins and replace them every two years. Now this throws everything that we have come to know and understand about Television into question.

Do we value the show's style or the characters more? Do you tune in and watch Skins for the stories or for the people in the stories? The answer is both. its the characters that make the stories. This is quite a daring punt on Elsley's part, will Skins continue to be a raging success? But Skins has always been different. The overall style and writing of the show is far from mainstream. We should have almost expected this from Elsley.

The good news is the show we love will continue and based on the talks of replacing the cast every two years. But having to bid farewell to the current cast members will no doubt be a sad affair. I hope that Elsley can give us a worthy farewell.

We shouldn't be that surprised with Tony taking in an open day in Episode Six. It was clear that University is the next step. The challenge for any show is having continued interesting story lines, replacing the characters gives the writers some new avenues to work with.

It is also a great opportunity for new young actors to earn some experience. Its a risky move, and it will be hard to replace the existing cast of Skins but I look forward to what the future holds.

If you strongly believe that the show will not be the same with a different cast there has been a petition started for you to display your opinion. At the time of posting, it had 258 signatures with a goal of 3,000.

I believe that its Elsley's creation and I'm just along for the ride. But if you're interested sign the petition here.