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Review: New Amsterdam: Reclassified

Season 1 / Episode 7 / "Reclassified"
"Back on track, but a few mistakes hold New Amsterdam back from what it should be."
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This week more of John's fairly recent past is revealed. John is reunited with his old partner Andy, to learn of his cancer due to his shooting. (Great to see some old faces this week - Chris Bauer who played Fred in Third Watch & Kristine Sutherland who played Joyce Summers in Buffy).

Reclassified was predictable in parts, particularly the ending. John solves the case and of course Andy dies happy. I think I would have rather seen Andy die with his wife by his side not his old partner who he hasn't spoken to in some time. The story did twist and turn, but not enough for it to be interesting.

The ending scene where John gets shot was surprising, yet expected with the gang boss claiming that he was a dead man. The episode really should have ended there and left us in suspense for next week. But instead we're given a dream sequence which doesn't make any sense and then we see that John is awaking in hospital.

Plus I thought that John's girlfriend "Dr. Sara Dillane" would have reacted to John's shooting with a little more professionalism. She's a doctor she would have inspected the wound while applying pressure while calling 911. Having her scream for help adds more drama but is unrealistic.

Mistakes like this make this show less enjoyable. I look forward to what we will be given for the season finale and if New Amsterdam will be renewed for a second season.


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