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Rant: The Moment TV Died

I was unlucky enough tonight to witness the episode which launched "The Moment of Truth" into the headlines. The beginning of the episode had been edited to even increase the tension, and probably the money making ability via hype. With the host of the show reading from the Teleprompter that he didn't want this episode to air.

Is this what Television has evolved into, people putting a price on their privacy and dignity? We all know that Television networks have their sights set on profits and people are always out to make a quick dollar. But isn't this going a little too far?

I couldn't help but cringe as the "contestant" was bombarded with personal questions until something had to give. With her whole family & husband of two years looking onwards. They dropped bombshell after bombshell. Releasing all of the skeletons she had in her huge closet.

She came with the aim of getting rich, the network rubbed its hands together and her husband learned the truth about her wife all in front of millions.

She left with no money, a marriage in pieces and a very red face. Truly car crash television.


  1. Ivyology said...

    Oh god, that was horrible to watch! And after all that interrigating she left with nothing - except some weight off her shoulders. They should do a follow up, I'd love to know how her relationship with her husband is going..

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