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Farewell Skins

Monday saw the final episode of Skins, read my review. What did you think about Season Two? Want to know if Skins has been renewed for a third season? What do we currently know about season three? Skins returns in early 2009!

Review: Dexter: Dexter (Pilot)

Season 1 / Episode 1 / "Dexter" (Pilot)
"Dark, edgy, powerful. This is exactly what Television is meant to be."
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From the opening scene. From Dexter Morgan's first words to the audience - I'm addicted. Dexter's character has so many levels, a truly dark side yet we can all still relate to. We all wear a mask and have demons to hide.

Even the basic idea of having a member of law enforcement moonlighting as a crime fighting killer is powerful and unique. This is writing at its best, perfect casting, and every scene is painfully thought through frame by frame

All this adds up to a television show you must watch. I'm absorbing every second, captivated and engaged. Its a sheer delight to watching things unfold before your senses. Watch Dexter, shows like this don't come along very often.

News: Sinchronicity Won't Be Renewed for Second Season

The question on everyone's lips is will Sinchronicity be renewed for a second season?

The answer is no, the creative team behind Sinchronicity have stated that the series was only intended to have six episodes and they don't plan to continue the story of Nathan, Fi & Jase.

I enjoyed Sinchronicity immensely and but believe that this is good news. There can be a lot of pressure placed on the producers of successful television shows by networks who love to cash in on high ratings. This can sometimes come at the expense of our beloved shows.

Sinchronicity was one of the best shows of the year.