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Farewell Skins

Monday saw the final episode of Skins, read my review. What did you think about Season Two? Want to know if Skins has been renewed for a third season? What do we currently know about season three? Skins returns in early 2009!

Review: Veronica Mars: Betty and Veronica

Season 1 / Episode 16 / "Betty and Veronica"
"Finally some mini-answers."
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This is almost what we've been waiting for. For answers and for them to stop beating around the bush. We're getting a few more details into why Veronica's mother ran and more insights into Lilly's Murder.

In a nutshell: Veronica's father could be either Jake or Keith. Lianne was with Jake at the time of Lilly's Murder & Celeste barged in. Jake & Celeste claimed to be in a hotel at the time but their stories conflict. Clarence Wiedman had bugged Veronica's room and she returns the favour which allows us to discover that Abel Koontz has a daughter.

On a side note I did find this weeks side story of the missing parrot a little on the cheesy side, it almost took the edge of the episode. I couldn't help but feel they were running out of ideas for fresh cases. But that aside things are building up pace for the business end of this season.

Review: Veronica Mars: Ruskie Business

Season 1 / Episode 15 / "Ruskie Business"
"Funky tonight..."
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This week we see two major developments. At the end of the episode Veronica and her mother are reunited with Clarence Wiedman not far behind. We also find that Trina (Logan's half sister) has been using Lynn's credit cards. So it would indeed appear that Lynn is really gone. Veronica also almost gets an innocent man murdered in a case.

Countless twists make Ruskie Business a fun ride and with an ending that we have been longing for you can tell that Rob Thomas is going to start wrapping things up. Something else that is great about this show is that every episode is meets the level of the last. Never a dull moment, never a weak episode.

Veronica Mars has to be the most constantly good show on television. 7 Episodes left...

Review: Veronica Mars: Mars Vs Mars

Season 1 / Episode 14 / "Mars Vs Mars"
"Fresh writing is what makes Veronica Mars stand out from the pack."
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This week we have Mars vs Mars as father and daughter go head to head over a case. We see the lovable Mr. Rooks is accused of having an affair with an 09er student. Veronica is on a mission to prove him innocent and Mr Mars hired to prove him guilty.

As every week the story twists and Veronica is able to see the truth that Mr Rooks has indeed had an affair with a student just not Carrie Bishop. We also discover a video which shows Lynn's death, but there is a report of activity on her credit card. Also Abel Koontz is dying, plus that Duncan has type 4 epilepsy (illness does not exist in real-life).

Fresh writing again is the glue of this episode. I'm really impressed with the continued watch ability of Veronica Mars. Lesser shows would have issues keeping me interesting as really its a formula show. Veronica solves case and we get further information about the larger cases...

We're over half way through the season and I have a feeling that things are going to pick up...

Review: Veronica Mars: Lord of the Bling

Season 1 / Episode 13 / "Lord of the Bling"
"You could skip this episode without really missing anything."
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We really didn't learn anything highly relevant to the major story lines within Veronica Mars this week. It was Yolanda Hamilton that kissed Logan and led to Lilly and Logan's break-up before Lilly's murder. Plus Logan asks Veronica for help in finding his mother, he doesn't believe that she is dead.

In the larger picture this episode could be skipped and doesn't have much re-watch value. But does explain a little back story into why Logan and Lilly broke up. It also demonstrated how harsh 09ers can be when it comes to 'unbecoming behaviour'. Even how Veronica Mars succumbed to it.

For the record this is the first episode of Veronica Mars which I have rated below four stars.