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Review: Underbelly: Earning A Crust

Season 1 / Episode 8 / "Earning A Crust"
"Fact or fiction..."
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Underbelly is starting to loose credibility. At the centre of this week's episode is Moran's underground money loaning operation. Which stags a teenager whose dream it is to open his own hot pie van business. First he is offered the money at no doubt interest free rates by Mrs Williams but declines. He is then declined at the banks... So then when the clear option would be to return to Mrs Williams he goes to a loan shark at and signs up at some stupidly high interest rate... Of course he can't make the repayments and the loan shark takes his grandmother's property as payment. Look, before this he should have went to Mrs Williams and asked to borrow the money and repay the shark. Even when Mrs Williams witnesses the shark taking goods for payment she does nothing but insult the shark. When clearly she should have offered to pay the kids debt.

This is a major plot hole or maybe something that the writers have made up to make us feel more attached... But it seems that they are using this event as the straw that broke the camels back. With Carl now declaring war on the Moran family.

Again I think underbelly is distorting the story too much in order to hype things up to keep us watching. Truth is always better than fiction. I just can't buy that a kid who wanted to start his own business would be so stupid not to see a solution right under his nose and then kill himself, because that wouldn't clear his debt anyway.


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