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Farewell Skins

Monday saw the final episode of Skins, read my review. What did you think about Season Two? Want to know if Skins has been renewed for a third season? What do we currently know about season three? Skins returns in early 2009!

Review: Sinchronicity: Episode 6

Season 1 / Episode 6
"All other TV Shows take note, this is how its done."
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What has made this such a great series is: Excellent characters, a quirky love story and brilliant storytelling. The way that the final episode unfolds has you completely absorbed. Two stories are intertwined with us not knowing which is really taking place until the very end.

A complete credit to the cast and crew for bringing this series to life. I think a lot of main stream television shows could learn a few things from this series.

A must watch for anyone who enjoys a drama with a comedy vibe which touches on adult concepts. Some of the best television this year!

Review: Sinchronicity: Episode 5

Season 1 / Episode 5
"Things are coming to a climax and you're left wanting more."
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What a ride! Nathan is again left to cover the tracks of Jase. Which isn't easy. Nathan is such a good fried putting everything on the line for his best mate. But he is torn because of his secret love for Fi. This is the centre of our story and what has me captivated.

Nathan is put into hilarious situations, keeping well wishing bar patrons at bay, explaining naughty accessories to nurses and keeping Jase's true sexuality a secret from Fi.

The whole episode I found myself watching Fi to discover the truth but Nathan is forced to lie again for Jase upsetting Fi immensely. Looking forward to next week to see how they wrap this up.

Review: Sinchronicity: Episode 4

Season 1 / Episode 4
"Watching real characters in these odd circumstances makes Sinchronicity so unique and fresh. A must watch!"
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Every episode I watch of Sinchronicity I become more addicted. Once again through creative storytelling - switching from past to present back and forth the story unravels piece by piece. As each piece is revealed other parts snap into place making more sense. Like a jigsaw puzzle everything fits together.

The actors bring such emotion and vibrancy to their characters. Again adult and taboo concepts have a major part to play the story but are easily pulled off with a perfect mix of comedy and drama.

I am looking forward to seeing how the story will play out, but at the same time I don't want Sinchronicity to end.