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Review: Google Analytics

Technology / Analytics - Website Hit Counter - Visitor Tracking
"Great professional reports with extremely detailed information."

The Good: Google Analytics is free for starters and offers you private tracking without having to place any links or buttons on your site. The code is easy to install and gives you extremely detailed reports. They can be emailed to you whenever you wish, even in PDF. You can track and compare multiple websites.

The Bad: Things are almost almost a little too complicated. Although, you can make your own reports and have them displayed on your dashboard. I find that I have to dig through at least three pages to get at the information that I want. Also it appears that the reports are delayed by 24 hours. Google won't give you visitors IP addresses because of their privacy policy and they also report ISP information incorrectly (for Australian ISP's anyway).

Summary: A extremely great free offering from Google that you can't pass up. It generates extremely professional looking reports in which you can export in many forms. They can be emailed to you automatically. Simple and easy to use interface, you can monitor all of your sites in one place and compare them. Only down side is things are a little too complicated, you can't look at visitors IP addresses and results maybe delayed by 24 hours.

Verdict: Perfect, if you don't require visitor IP addresses and a slight delay in you're reports. (Google gives you the option of allowing them to use your information for their benefit but you can disable this).

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