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Review: Google Reader

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Web feeds and Aggregators aren't by any means new. But basically they allow you to "subscribe" to your favourite websites and receive new content in one central location when it is posted. So instead of having to visit all of your favourite blogs, websites and so forth they are delivered directly to you.

A large percent of these have been software which you can run on a single computer. But with the launch of Google Reader and being a web based system you can now check your feeds from any computer with an internet connection. Which is handy for people who use multiple computers and is available on the road on your mobile.

Google Reader is available to anyone with a Google Account and it is easy enough to sign up if you don't already have one. It's extremely easy to subscribe to new feeds, you can also make it your default feed handler. It works with your Gmail account so you can spam interesting items to friends.

You can also share items, which produces a web feed for your friends to subscribe to or you can share it on your blog. The built in search feature is also very extremely handy. The reader will also give you a list of Tends about your habits.

Also in a very cool feature as it learns more about you and based on your current subscriptions it will suggestion other feeds you maybe interested in. You are also able to use keyboard short cuts for quick navigation and can make subfolders or categories for your feeds.

Google Reader is up there with the best of them! Why not give it a try today and subscribe to the Sixty Review Review Feed?


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