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Farewell Skins

Monday saw the final episode of Skins, read my review. What did you think about Season Two? Want to know if Skins has been renewed for a third season? What do we currently know about season three? Skins returns in early 2009!

Review: Underbelly: Cocksure

Season 1 / Episode 4 / "Cocksure"
"It's always the one you least expect."
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Each week I become more and more engrossed in the Underbelly world. These criminals that think they are untouchable (and in most cases are) and the police that are attempting to get enough evidence to stick to them long enough to get them behind bars. The fact that it is based on truth is another reason why Underbelly is so addictive.

The lives of these crims is full of twists and turns the likes you'd expect from a block buster movie. With seemly stupid criminal activity done in board day light, from kidnapping to shootings this episode is another step up from what we've seen so far.

Both Underbelly and the characters in the story are so unpredictable and that is one of the strengths of this show. I really look forward to seeing what they can throw at us next week.

Review: Jericho: Jennings & Rall

Season 2 / Episode 3 / "Jennings & Rall"
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Maybe it would have been best if Jericho was left at a one season series. Again I am finding myself distant from the characters, unconcerned with their well being.

A virus puts the citizens of Jericho in danger, I find myself almost hoping for an outbreak as this would be an expected twist like the beginning days of Jericho.

I ask the Television Gods that they save Jericho from the land of boredom which they are currently residing.

Review: Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Demon Hand

Season 1 / Episode 7 / "The Demon Hand"
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Nothing of major note here. Sarah recovered and destroyed the hand. John discovered that his mother disowned him, by watching a tape that his mother left in plain sight. Derek again displays his hatred for Cameron and we get a step closer to the chess playing master mind computer.

The episode is filled with Sarah's voice and too many bible references. I was kept awaiting for something interesting to happen but instead we are reminded of back story which we have already witnessed, most likely included to bring the non-movie watchers up to speed.

After a glimmer of hope last week again I'm left disappointed. I hope they have come up with something decent for the two part finale.

Skins: Season 2 Episode 3 - Sid

"With his world spinning out of control, expect a crash landing."
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We find Sid with his world spinning out of control. Tony, his best friend and role model is no where to be seen. It appears his girl Cassie is cheating, his parents have split up, his Mother has found a new love, his Grandfather is visiting putting pressure on him and his father.

Everything is building up to one big surprise. Something unexpected, which makes it all the more sobering. Through excellent cinematography we follow Sid's every move and emotion.

Just when I had thought Skins had pushed the limits they take things to the next level. Breathtaking.

Review: Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Turk

Season 1 / Episode 3 / "The Turk"
"Getting a little off course."
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This show has been everything that I wasn't expecting and in a bad way. James Cameron's vision has been watered down to something that is almost unrecognisable.

I know I shouldn't be placing the expectations of the film onto this new series but its a extremely hard act to follow. The road this is taking isn't fitting the bill.

I'll continue watching the series but only because I'm such a fan of the movies.

Review: Underbelly: I Still Pray

Season 1 / Episode 3 / "I Still Pray"
"Great Aussie Television."
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What an excellent surprise that reminds us of what Australian Drama should be. Underbelly is hitting all the marks. Parts of this episode were a little predictable but that is in no way the fault of the writers. Gangsters as it would be are some what predictable when it comes to looking out for their own.

This episode focused on Tracey and her child who try and escape the Moran family. I am frustrated that Tracey put more value on having her child "surrounded by family" than his own life. She had been a part of that network of gangsters for long enough to know what they are capable of and the lengths they will go to. Leaving the state would have been the common sense solution.

The montage of Mother and Son leading up to the killing was a little tacky and also made it more obvious about what was about to happen. Apart from this its Great Aussie Television.

Review: Jericho: Condor

Season 2 / Episode 2 / "Condor"
"Another step down the ladder of enjoyment. Things are looking down for the once fresh and exciting show."
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After the cliff-hanger endings episode after episode last season I'm left with a feeling of doubt over the continued watch ability of Jericho. The well written and planned episodes of last season have been replaced by a dry and uninteresting political battle which we find ourselves currently focused on.

Had the writers thought beyond the bombs? It seems that they were lacking for ideas come season two. I've lost interest throughout this episode. I truly hope that Jericho can pick up the pace and save its viewers from a death by boredom.

Skins: Season 2 Episode 2 - Sketch

"Again clever story telling has you guessing until the end."
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A Maxxie central episode sees an obsessed admirer Sketch put Maxxie and his friends in danger. A different angle for the show but works flawlessly. A musical on the sensitive topic of September 11 has me in stitches.

Maxxie battles with the homophobic attitude of the larger society and the unwanted attention from Sketch. All of these concepts brought to life in vibrant technicolor by the Skins writers and cast.

Hats off to the cast and crew for another piece of sheer excellence.

Review: Sarah Connor Chronicles: Dungeons & Dragons

Season 1 / Episode 6 / "Dungeons & Dragons"
"Some back story help links and strengthen the series."
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Finally we're given some depth and some texture to relate to. This week we had a story slowly unfold piece by piece in front of our eyes. Characters relating, some human emotion shine through, made this the highlight of the season so far.

It's taken six episodes to get to this point. But now I'm on board, I'm rallying for the cause. With some creative writing we see some back story from the future, some closer of the relationship between Sarah & Charley, John getting a better idea of his Father and the pending threat that is the FBI.

I'm relieved that the show is starting to pick up the pace.

Review: Underbelly: Sorcerer`s Apprentice

Season 1 / Episode 2 / "Sorcerer's Apprentice"
"We're in for a ride."
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Just as the first episode did Sorcerer's Apprentice delivers - solid performances, great drama and a twisting story.

We're only at the beginning stages of his drama and already we've got betrayal, affairs, lies and loyalties broken. True stories are always better than works of fiction, something about knowing that this actually happened.

It's great to see Australian Drama reaching new heights. Start watching before the rest of Australia leads you behind.

Review: Underbelly: The Black Prince

Season 1 / Episode 1 / "The Black Prince"
"We maybe watching the best Australian produced crime series ever."
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I'm a huge support of all Australian produced television shows and Underbelly is fast becoming one of the best Australian series produced in many years. The production has brought the true story of the Melbourne crime boss to the screen flawlessly. From the gritty introduction down to the actors portraying the characters it makes for beautiful television.

As a good story should we're thrown straight into the lion's den and once there you're emursed in the crime underworld of Melbourne.I really can't fault anything about this show thus far.

I really look forward to seeing how things will unfold.

Review: Jericho: Reconstruction

Season 2 / Episode 1 / "Reconstruction"
"Following a great first season, and a rally of fans worldwide - Jericho returns. But it disappoints..."
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The first season of Jericho had me on the edge of my seat. Finally a new concept, something that wasn't another crime show. By the end of each episode we were given further clues into the Jericho world and who was the master mind of the unthinkable. Slowly episode by episode they built up the tension. With great anticipation I watched "Reconstruction" wonder what they had in store for Season two.

Half the episode is spent introducing us to the new army & company - Jennings & Rall now in power over the recovering USA. We're also informed of the current political situation.

Overall a "setup episode" for things to come, nothing really to review and with the end of episode normally leaving me with a sense of urgency to view the next. I am a little disappointed with the Presidents visit the best they could come up with.

Good to have Jericho back but I hope things improve.

Review: Sarah Connor Chronicles: Queen`s Gambit

Season 1 / Episode 5 / "Queen's Gambit"
"Getting warmer."
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In an attempt to further link the show to the movie they introduce John's Father's Brother. But the biggest flaw is that John is not the John he should be. The rebel we once knew in the movie is now a soft, cry baby. Look at his actions in the last episode when faced with a terminator.

A scene of long awaited action rings true to form. But Sarah uses the same car that she used to pick up John from school. A mistake that a battle hardened Sarah who is attempting to stay low profile would never make. A few scenes were poorly planned and hard to comprehend. Again no time is spent in connecting the viewers to the on screen characters. The dying Derek Reese has me unconcerned.

We're heading in the right direction but still not quite there.

Skins: Season 2 Episode 1 - Maxxie and Tony

"A harsh welcome back to the raw world of the incredible Skins."
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We're welcomed back into the world of Skins being faced with Tony in his new found state of recovery. The episode focusing on Tony's recovery and Maxxie's want to become a dancer yet needing his fathers acceptance.

I'm ecstatic to be amongst the Skins crew again. The raw in your face writing is slightly turned down a notch as we deal with Tony's condition. Everyone is dealing with Tony's condition in their own way. Things are far from the old season one days.

Again the original music compliments the episode perfectly. It's good to be back amongst friends.

Review: Sarah Connor Chronicles: Heavy Metal

Season 1 / Episode 4 / "Heavy Metal"
"Second class writing leaves viewers frustrated."
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It's so frustrating when viewers can predict scenes before they unfold. It's not because we are savy viewers, just simply because the complete lack of creative writing. What about when you could have reacted to a situation better than the hero you are watching?

For example: As soon as John places the mobile phone in plain sight and poorly secured you know what is going to happen. Then I am further frustrated when the phone breaks from a 30 cm fall. A flat battery would have been more believable!

Also Cameron a cyborg from the future doesn't hear a teenage boy sneak out of the truck? Its clear that picking the holes in this show is more interesting than watching it.