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Farewell Skins

Monday saw the final episode of Skins, read my review. What did you think about Season Two? Want to know if Skins has been renewed for a third season? What do we currently know about season three? Skins returns in early 2009!

Review: Sarah Connor Chronicles: Gnothi Seauton

Season 1 / Episode 2 / "Gnothi Seauton"
"Loosing pace, but not a lost cause."
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So our three heroes have time travelled into the future and have brought an unwelcome guest. Unfortunately this episode isn't following through the pace form the first. Things have start to slow down a little. So much episode time taken up by following up new identities which clearly must be setting up for future storylines.

Sarah is given a more human touch as she is tested for cancer. The development of John's character takes on a minor role, which is disappointing as I am keen to see how they will portray him.

Overall an episode spent introducing characters and setting up for future storylines. We can't expect explosions and cyborg battles every episode.

Review: Sarah Connor Chronicles: Pilot

Season 1 / Episode 1 / "Pilot"
"A good start."
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With a good mix of action we're introduced to familiar characters of John & Sarah in their new small screen form. We're reminded straight off the bat to what John Connors mission is to stop - skynet.

Summer Glau steals the show who made her break on Firefly. The episode is well paced and ends on a high note.

I hope the season is as well planned as this episode, if that is the case we're in for a treat. I was first sceptical about the Terminator franchise coming to the small screen but it may do it justice.