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Review: New Amsterdam: Love Hurts

Season 1 / Episode 8 / "Love Hurts"
"Just another episode, what happened to season final?"
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After discovering last week that this was going to be the final episode I had my hopes up for something worthy of a season finale. I find myself sorely disappointed, this episode was just another normal week in John's life, nothing extraordinary. But I think we have Fox and the writers strike to blame. As I believe that 13 episodes were ordered but the rest were canceled after episode 8. So this would explain why things were left so 'open'.

Again we get a peek at John's darker side, good to see that he hasn't used his powers for good for his entire life. His play fight with his captain was predictable, but really what got my back up was the fact that the owner of "Soulmates" couldn't smell the difference between scotch and apple juice. What this show is missing is a little streak of comedy...

There is no confirmed word if New Amsterdam will be given a green light for season two. Its disappointing that the shows creators didn't get a chance to play out their ideas for a whole 13 episode run. I really hope they had grander ideas than what we have seen so far.

The closing scene is true to form, only an immortal would walk in the middle of a New York City street...


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