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Farewell Skins

Monday saw the final episode of Skins, read my review. What did you think about Season Two? Want to know if Skins has been renewed for a third season? What do we currently know about season three? Skins returns in early 2009!

Review: Futurama: Obsoletely Fabulous

Season 4 / Episode 14 / "Obsoletely Fabulous"
"Bender takes centre stage in search of a more back to natural self."
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You can tell that there is a pack of nerds behind Futurama and its one of it's strengths. Because nerds like me can relate to the geeky jokes. The world of technology is forever changing and this is what poor Bender is faced with this week - becoming obsolete and replaced by newer generation of technology.

An island of obsolete robots, Bender getting a down grade and being built out of wood - all pure comedy gold! Futurama has given robots such human qualities and its a riot to watch. My personal favourite has to be the waterwheel-powered robot Lisa & the cartridge unit robot.

Brilliant episode I don't think Futurama is going to become obsolete anytime soon!

Review: Futurama: Bend Her

Season 4 / Episode 13 / "Bend Her"
"A gender Bender focused episode."
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Bender is such a unique character. But then again Futurama is such a unique show. What other animated show could tackle the subject of a robot wanting a sex change so he could compete in the Olympic Games and then has a Robot superstar fall in love with her/him.

What a great show, nothing is impossible. They are able to bring the most craziest storylines to life and make us laugh until we wet ourselves. What else makes Futurama great is that all of the past episodes link together and the story follows through. Unlike the Simpsons where everything starts fresh at the beginning of each episode.

Futurama's take on a females world through a male robot is hilarious! Another great episode!

Review: Firefly: The Message

Season 1 / Episode 12 / "The Message"
"A different vibe this week, but outstanding performances all round."
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`The Message` set a different pace from the other episodes of Firefly. It was somewhat more grim and dealt with the aftermath of what seemed to be the death of a fellow war vet. Of course nothing is as it seems on Firefly and chaos ensues.

Great performances all round, Simon really needs to learn some better pick up lines... I paralytically liked Kaylee's performance this week. She has this very cute and innocent vibe about her, which really contradicts the way that the Mal first met Kaylee, (she was having sex in the engine room with with Serenity's first mechanic if I recall correctly). That Kaylee and the current Kaylee really don't seem to match up, but I take it that was some time ago...

The news broke last week that Fox has canceled Firefly its claiming that poor ratings have cost us our beloved show. Fans are already rallying together in what seems to be a very strong force so far.

With that news in mind I think I will savor the remaining episodes even more knowing there isn't anymore to come.