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Farewell Skins

Monday saw the final episode of Skins, read my review. What did you think about Season Two? Want to know if Skins has been renewed for a third season? What do we currently know about season three? Skins returns in early 2009!

News: Moonlight's Sliver Bullet

Its official, Moonlight will not be returning to our screens. No networks were interested in picking up the show and the sets have been pulled down. A true shame...

It’s officially one and done for fan favorite vampire drama Moonlight. We were told today that all last ditch efforts to save the show were tried, but ultimately no takers were found for a second season. Direct TV, TNT, SCi Fi etc etc etc all passed. The sets have been taken down and the soundstage has been given over to new CBS series The Mentalist. The cast has been let go to pursue other projects. I know the CBS brass loves Alex O’Loughlin so I’d bet he lands on another project soon. Just my two cents. What CBS top rated drama could use an interjection of youth and is in need of bringing a different demo to the series?? How about CSI? Wouldn’t Alex make a great addition to the team?
Source: GEOS.

News: Jericho Reborn as Feature Length Film?

Sci Fi Wire are reporting that two cast members of the twice cancelled Jericho are hearing Rumours about a possible feature length film based on the Jericho Television Show. The film would continue on and possible conclude the Jericho story.

When Fans rallied for Joss Whedon's Firefly Fox owned show to be returned to the small screen. Universal came to the rescue allowing the show to be reborn onto the big screen and was rewarded with great success.

Will Jericho share a simlar fate? These are only early reports. But many fans have their fingers crossed.

Source: Sci Fi Wire.

News: New Amsterdam's Fate Sealed?

A show I really enjoyed earlier this year was New Amsterdam. But it would appeal that Virtuality" and has been cast in the lead role.

Seeing that Nikolaj has secured continued work it would appear he would be commited and unable to resume the role of John Amsterdam.

It was great while it latested, thanks for the memories.

News: Dexter Morgan is coming to Oz!

Dexter Morgan is coming to Australia. One of my favourite Television Series Dexter is finally coming to Australian Television in all its uncut glory.

On the 6th of July Channel Ten will be showing Dexter which is one of the modern day gems of television which seem to be few and far between.

Do yourself a favour and give this series a go. You will not be disappointed!

Dexter is an American television drama series based on the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay and adapted for television by Emmy Award-winning screenwriter James Manos, Jr.

When Miami blood splatter expert Dexter Morgan is not solving murders, he's a serial killer committing them.

Orphaned at the age of four and harboring a traumatic secret, Dexter is adopted by a police officer who recognises Dexter's homicidal tendencies and guides his son to channel his gruesome passion for human vivisection in a constructive way - by killing those heinous perpetrators who are above the law or who have slipped through the cracks of justice.

A respected member of the police force, a perfect gentleman and a man with a soft spot for children, it's hard not to like Dexter. Although his drive to kill is unflinching, he struggles to emulate normal emotions he doesn't feel, and to keep up his appearance as a caring, socially responsible human being.

DEXTER is based on the compelling novel "Darkly Dreaming Dexter" by Jeff Lindsay, a South Florida native.

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News: Fox asks 'how was the leaked Pilot?'

News: Fringe

As tipped earlier the pilot of Fringe has been leaked online. In a stranger move Fox has asked fans on their thoughts on the pilot. Further convincing me that they could have been involved.

Wanted: Little Dutch Boy

HR put it succinctly: That summer rite of passage, the annual leaking of the pilots, is upon us.

Yes, the Fringe pilot has gotten out.

So, for those of you who have seen it — what’d you think?


Or they could be attempting to gage the depth of fans who have seen it... What do you think?

News: Ex Veronica Mars Star Secures role on Heroes

News: Heroes

Francis Capra who played Weevil on Veronica Mars is joining the cast of Heroes this fall and has secured a recurring role, TV Guide has reported. Capra will play "a mysterious character who turns out to be evil". The story will have him cross paths with Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia).

The role may reunite him with fellow Veronica Mars cast member Kristen Bell. Who will be returning in her role as the Elle Bishop in the upcoming third season. I'm looking forward to see both of them again on the small screen.

Source: SciFi Wire.

News: JJ Abrams Fringe Pilot Leaked

We've had a few tips from readers that JJ Abram's latest television series Project entitled "Fringe" has had its pilot episode leaked online.

It didn't take much digging to confirm with many torrent search engines showing it available. An amazing 85 days before it is due to premier savvy net users are downloading and previewing the show in large numbers. At the time of posting the torrent is showing 10,000 users connected to one of the torrents alone.

Users report that the Pilot is "a little unpolished" and "the shows introduction is missing but overall the pilot lacks any Studio Water Marks or copyright messages" which normally are found on such "DVD Screeners".

Jericho fans found themselves in a similar situation when the first three episodes of season 2 found themselves online weeks before they were scheduled to air. I'm sure Fox will begin investigations into how the leak occurred. Unless it was a planned promotional stunt, hoping to sir up a fan base before the shows launch to help ensure its success. We have seen Fox focusing on increase positive fan relations of late.

(No information will be given on how to locate any copyright protected or pirated material).

News: Dollhouse Pilot Scenes to be Reshot

News: Dollhouse

Quite a few Dollhouse fan sites are reporting that Fox has ordered that some scenes of the pilot episode of Joss Whedon's new television series Dollhouse be reshot.

Many could read into this as Fox continuing to medal with Joss's vision. But this may just be that Fox's plans to have less advertising during Dollhouse means that a few extra minutes are needed to fill the gaps.

Fox have also taken a step to better communicate with would be fans by starting their own blog. A welcome change, as many fans blame Fox for Firefly's cancellation.

News: Jon Voight Joins 24 Cast

News: 24.

Jon Voight has signed up to play the enemy mastermind in the seventh season of 24.

Jon Voight's character will be introduced to viewers in a two-hour prequel planned to air early next year and then will continue to feature in the second half of the season.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

News: Jericho Fans Buy Ads

News: Jericho

SCI FI Wire is reporting that Jericho Fans have sponsored more than 200 local advertisements on cable TV in an hope to return the show to the air.

"Fans of the twice-cancelled CBS series Jericho are continuing their campaign to bring the show back by sponsoring more than 200 local ad spots to air on cable TV stations in the Los Angeles area."

Based on what we saw last season, i would rather see the show dead. As it was clear that the production team had run out of ideas and stories. Only time will tell if the fan's efforts are in vain.

Source: SCI FI Wire.