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Summary: New Amsterdam: Season 1

Summary / New Amsterdam / Season 1
"New Amsterdam started off strong with a some-what fresh idea but lacked something."
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I really enjoyed the first few episodes of New Amsterdam, the idea was some what fresh and gave the writers had a lot to play with. We all enjoy visiting the past and seeing what was and John's 400 years gives us a lot of opportunities to do that. New Amsterdam started off really strong but fell into a rut mid season. The whole show is resting on the shoulders of one actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who plays the lead character. The supporting cast are left in John Amsterdam's shadow with no outstanding performances.

The show lacks a strong sense of humour, which would really help pull the show together. The show is similar to Joss Whedon's "Angel" in some respects (minus the blood drinking). But at times New Amsterdam takes itself a little too seriously.

The season was cut short due to Fox and the writers strike which was another sore point for New Amsterdam. It crippled the show, not having a full run to capture an audience and left viewers brooding with a lack of closure with a story ending half way through.

Only time will tell if John Amsterdam will be able to continue his quest to find his one true love and gain mortality... If we hear the news either way we will let you know.


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