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Review: eXTReMe Tracking (Free Version)

Technology / Analytics - Website Hit Counter - Visitor Tracking
"One of the best the web has to offer, only one downfall."

The Good: eXTReMe Tracking offers a great service for free. Extremely detailed tracking of visitors, where they came from, how long they stayed and so forth. Even gives you their IP address which is great for tracing individual visitors (last 20 visitors only). All of the reports are simple and easy to read.

The Bad: Unless you pay you've got to have an eXTReMe Tracking button on your website which also links to your reports. Which means your competition has direct access to how popular your site is. Also won't email you reports per week or month. If you run multiple websites you can't compare them within eXTReMe Tracking you would have to do this manually.

Summary: If you're in the market for a good free basic analytics program with the trade off of advertising them in the form of a button. Then eXTReMe Tracking offer a great service. Just beware that everyone can view your reports! Also you have to manually review your reports they cannot be emailed to you.

Verdict: Great price (free) and great service if you're happy to display their logo and your personal reports to everyone.

Links: eXTReMe Tracking.


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