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Review: LG KG290 (Optus Prepaid)

Technology / Mobile Phone / LG KG290 (Optus Prepaid)
"Standard Mobile Phone, over priced and with two major faults."

This is your basic mobile telephone with standard phone features plus a built in 1.3MP camera, MP3 playback, FM Radio, bluetooth & expandable memory (micro SD). There isn't a USB cable included in the box so make sure you have access to bluetooth.

Now for the problems: You are unable to disable or change the sound which the phone makes when you open or close the slider. This becomes painfully annoying everytime you want to make use of your phone. Its enough to put it on silent permanently.

Secondly you are also unable to change the alert sound for incoming messages. Such a basic and simple function is unbelievably not enabled.

For the money its just simply not worth it. The phone has no major features which make it stand out in this price bracket and two basic features of personalising your phone are disabled.

Verdict: Avoid look at a Nokia.

Make: LG
Model: LG290
Price: $169
Network: Optus
Type: Prepaid

Links: Optus LG290 Homepage


  1. Anonymous said...

    I just bought one for $49, at that price it's great value and you most certainly can turn off the slider sound- it's the first thing I did. Haven't tried to change the message tone yet.

  2. CBC said...

    anonymous, I owe one which was purchased before the price drop. If you can please explain to me how to remove the slider tone that would be great. Maybe its been a firmware upgrade????

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