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Summary: Jericho: Season 2

Season 2 / Jericho / Summary
"Season one of Jericho was a hard act to follow, at least season two finished with some closure."
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With Jericho season one finishing on a cliff-hanger we saw fans rally worldwide seeking closure then it was announced that Jericho wasn't returning. Then unbelievably our prayers were answered and Jericho was renewed.

With the fate of Jake's father quickly dealt with it left the writers questioning... now what? The rest of the season went down hill fast. We had been spoilt with good writing in season one and now we were left with what seemed like writers without a cause.

It wasn't until Episode 6 "Sedition" where we had a twist and the master mind of the attacks was revealed. Four days after the airing of that episode CBS broke the news that Jericho was not being renewed. From what I had seen from these six episodes I wasn't surprised.

The season finale Patriots and Tyrants was the highlight, it was almost enough to make me forget the other six episodes of the season. I greatly enjoyed the first season of Jericho it was enough to make me sit through six episodes of season two which focused on American politics.

Jericho could have gone in so many different directions, maybe if another plot line was followed it would have been renewed. It also seemed like the writers hadn't through beyond the bombs. The first season was had to follow and remains my favourite. But I'm glad that the writers had the grace to finish season two with a bang and some closure.


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