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Review: Return of the Gladiators

Australia's version of Gladiators returned last night on Channel Seven after ten years in hibernation. Channel 7 have been reminding us of Gladiator's long awaited return via constant advertising across many mediums for the last few weeks.

I did get caught up in this hype and tuned in and it looks like I wasn't the only one with 1.8 Million Australia's watching the events unfold. But almost before the first round had finished I realised that I was now ten years older and what I was watching was a little corny.

At the core, the concept of the show is a good one. Having people compete on a physical level is nothing new but its what sport is all about. Plus we all love watching a David vs Goliath battle, specially when David wins.

But what really set off my lame-o-meter (besides the name of the Gladiators) was the comments that the Gladiators made towards the contestants. It almost reminded me of two twelve year olds in the playground after school.

Much to my surprise Seven hadn't even updated the digital scoreboards or the feel of the show in ten years! I really felt like I was back in the 90's at one stage. Tom Williams' hosting appeal doesn't extend to this extreme either.

Look I know that its all part of the show's appeal. But I think they could pull better ratings if the show took itself seriously. Or even if they had a contestant vs contestant swing on the Gladiator ideals.

But ratings will soon reveal if Seven will release the unfed lions into the Gladiator arena.


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    The show is rubbish.

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