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Review: Sarah Connor Chronicles: Queen`s Gambit

Season 1 / Episode 5 / "Queen's Gambit"
"Getting warmer."
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In an attempt to further link the show to the movie they introduce John's Father's Brother. But the biggest flaw is that John is not the John he should be. The rebel we once knew in the movie is now a soft, cry baby. Look at his actions in the last episode when faced with a terminator.

A scene of long awaited action rings true to form. But Sarah uses the same car that she used to pick up John from school. A mistake that a battle hardened Sarah who is attempting to stay low profile would never make. A few scenes were poorly planned and hard to comprehend. Again no time is spent in connecting the viewers to the on screen characters. The dying Derek Reese has me unconcerned.

We're heading in the right direction but still not quite there.


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