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Review: Underbelly: Cocksure

Season 1 / Episode 4 / "Cocksure"
"It's always the one you least expect."
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Each week I become more and more engrossed in the Underbelly world. These criminals that think they are untouchable (and in most cases are) and the police that are attempting to get enough evidence to stick to them long enough to get them behind bars. The fact that it is based on truth is another reason why Underbelly is so addictive.

The lives of these crims is full of twists and turns the likes you'd expect from a block buster movie. With seemly stupid criminal activity done in board day light, from kidnapping to shootings this episode is another step up from what we've seen so far.

Both Underbelly and the characters in the story are so unpredictable and that is one of the strengths of this show. I really look forward to seeing what they can throw at us next week.


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