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Review: Burn Notice: Loose Ends

Season 1 / Episode 12 / "Loose Ends" (Part 2)
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Predictably one of the team needs to be put in danger so our hero Michael can save the day. Is it me or has Yoghurt been a recurring theme on this show? Product placement maybe?

All good shows work up to something, its called a climax. They slowly introduce viewers to the bigger picture, piece by piece. With a few twists and turns along the way to keep us guessing. Burn Notice has none of these.

After I sat through 12 hours of television they didn't even have the decency to give us some closure. Granted they have been renewed for season two and they needed a cliff hanger... But it would appear that the best they could come up with was Michael meeting his burner.

I hope next season that they have some fresh ideas...


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