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Review: Veronica Mars: Weapons of Class Destruction

Season 1 / Episode 18 / "Weapons of Class Destruction"
"Another well delivered episode."
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Major: Duncan finds out that Veronica is investigating him and his family - he isn't happy to say the least. Duncan has taken $10,000 cash from his bank account and 'run away'. Also Veronica & Logan discover they may have feelings for each other. Minor: Veronica foils fake bomb attacks on her school with a FBI agent keen to improve his arrest record.

Another great episode with the main story interlinked with this weeks focus story of the treats at Neptune High School. But some interesting developments, it appears that Duncan has done a runner. Perhaps because of Veronica's discovery of his illness. There is also a steamy kiss between Veronica & Logan... what about Leo?

Four episodes remain, we're getting very close to answering the questions we're all been asking...


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