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Review: Veronica Mars: Kanes and Abel's

Season 1 / Episode 17 / "Kanes and Abel's"
"Who did it?"
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Within the first five minutes of this episode Veronica is able to track down Abel Koontz's Daugher Amelia DeLongpre with Clarence Weidman hot on her trail. Just before the papers proving that Jake Kane paid off Abel, Clarence shows up and destroys the last hope that Veronica has to prove the money trail. Keith also gives Veronica further evidence that the Kane's have been lying with his discovery of a fresh load of washing. Which is a soccer uniform...

Again Veronica picks up the pace as we come closer and closer to the discovery of who murdered Lilly Kane. Things aren't looking good for the Kane family, in particular Duncan. The side story this week almost serves as a distraction from the main case. But Veronica magic has us overlook that.

Its good to see that Veronica & Keith are now joining forces to solve this. Loosing Amelia was a setback but I'm sure Veronica will work around it. Five episodes remain...


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