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Review: Veronica Mars: Lord of the Bling

Season 1 / Episode 13 / "Lord of the Bling"
"You could skip this episode without really missing anything."
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We really didn't learn anything highly relevant to the major story lines within Veronica Mars this week. It was Yolanda Hamilton that kissed Logan and led to Lilly and Logan's break-up before Lilly's murder. Plus Logan asks Veronica for help in finding his mother, he doesn't believe that she is dead.

In the larger picture this episode could be skipped and doesn't have much re-watch value. But does explain a little back story into why Logan and Lilly broke up. It also demonstrated how harsh 09ers can be when it comes to 'unbecoming behaviour'. Even how Veronica Mars succumbed to it.

For the record this is the first episode of Veronica Mars which I have rated below four stars.


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