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Review: Veronica Mars: Clash of the Tritons

Season 1 / Episode 12 / "Clash of the Tritons"
"The real question is: Can Veronica Mars get any better?"
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Never a dull moment, this week Veronica is done in for making fake IDs, she discovers a secret club at school. We now understand why Weevil was crying, he and Lilly were secretly seeing each other. Veronica dobbed Logan in for kissing another girl while him and Lilly were on a break. Duncan is having black outs and on meds. Plus it appears that Lynn has committed suicide!

Every week Veronica delivers great, well planned, creatively written television at its best. You don't know where they are going until you arrive. I can't recommend this show enough.

Every episode I watch, I think "That was the best of the season." But its always outdone by the next episode! Perfection!


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