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Review: Veronica Mars: Betty and Veronica

Season 1 / Episode 16 / "Betty and Veronica"
"Finally some mini-answers."
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This is almost what we've been waiting for. For answers and for them to stop beating around the bush. We're getting a few more details into why Veronica's mother ran and more insights into Lilly's Murder.

In a nutshell: Veronica's father could be either Jake or Keith. Lianne was with Jake at the time of Lilly's Murder & Celeste barged in. Jake & Celeste claimed to be in a hotel at the time but their stories conflict. Clarence Wiedman had bugged Veronica's room and she returns the favour which allows us to discover that Abel Koontz has a daughter.

On a side note I did find this weeks side story of the missing parrot a little on the cheesy side, it almost took the edge of the episode. I couldn't help but feel they were running out of ideas for fresh cases. But that aside things are building up pace for the business end of this season.


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