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Review: Firefly: War Stories

Season 1 / Episode 10 / "War Stories"
"Classic Western gunfights... in a space station in... well, space."
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Another piece of sheer brilliance from the Universe of Firefly. Great story arc, including a little back story. Husband & Wife fight, swap places, go on mission, mission goes south, get captured, tortured and then rescued. The episode has an excellent pace, great flow, we also have more Joss lesbian themes (which is remanisant of Buffy with Willow and Tara)...

Once again we see the crew pull together to rescue fellow Serenity members in danger without question. I'm glad to see that Kaylee had a human reaction to the gun fights. My only minor complaint about the episode was about the stray bullets flying around a spaceship... One stray bullet pierces the outer shell of that ship and they are all dead.

Classic Western gunfights in a futuristic world. Television gold people, television gold!


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