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Review: Firefly: Ariel

Season 1 / Episode 9 / "Ariel"
"Ariel insures that Firefly is on the top of our to watch list."
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Firefly just keeps delivering with another great episode this week. Last week's "Out of Gas" was beyond brilliant and Ariel delivers in the same fashion. With a great story, action, twists, betrayal and a laugh or two Ariel insures that Firefly is on the top of our to watch list.

There is nothing I can fault about this episode and what a powerful scene to end with. Mal will do what he has to do, to protect his crew. I'm glad that Mal was so quick to see through Jayne's betrayal and deal with him in a manner fit to his efforts. Excellent acting by Nathan Fillion makes this all the more powerful.

Ariel is a great example to why we all love this medium so much.


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