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Summary: Californication: Season 1

Season 1 / Californication / Summary
"A show like this doesn't come along very often. Tune in and watch hard."
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Right from the get go we knew that Californication was different, that it came to the forefront to offer something different. And we welcomed it with open arms. Californication offered something fresh, raw and extremely exciting. Californication was ground breaking. Crude in a sense yes, but there was so much more under the surface.

This caused a lot of ripples in the religious communities and again I'd like to say: Don't like the content, don't watch the show! Sure there may have been a few naked ladies, but at the core this was a love story. A man trying to get his family back together.

What a ride, from the get go, I was hooked. The show being renewed when it hadn't even finished was an excellent sign. The writers kept it fresh, kept it real. The season was next to flawless, there is really nothing to improve on.

With this in mind I seriously look forward to season two and wonder how things will end for Hank & Karen. If you can handle a little chilli in your hot dog then Californication is a show you shouldn't miss. Until next time...


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