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News: Jericho Reborn as Feature Length Film?

Sci Fi Wire are reporting that two cast members of the twice cancelled Jericho are hearing Rumours about a possible feature length film based on the Jericho Television Show. The film would continue on and possible conclude the Jericho story.

When Fans rallied for Joss Whedon's Firefly Fox owned show to be returned to the small screen. Universal came to the rescue allowing the show to be reborn onto the big screen and was rewarded with great success.

Will Jericho share a simlar fate? These are only early reports. But many fans have their fingers crossed.

Source: Sci Fi Wire.


  1. ratkeeper said...

    The fight to save Jericho is not over!

    The fans have already put ads in The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, a billboard in Los Angeles, and are now airing TV ads in the Los Angeles area.

    CBS Paramount is in talks with other parties to continue Jericho and they want to hear from the Jericho fans.

    Please write to: Ms. Nancy Tellem, President, CBS Paramount Network Television Entertainment Group, 4024 Radford Avenue, Studio City, CA 91604-2190.

    For more information on how to help Save Jericho go to:

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