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Review: Sarah Connor Chronicles: What He Beheld

"Disappointing, no that's an understatement."
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No twist, no surprise, no creativity. An early end because of the writers strike is almost a welcomed gift. This episode ends with a scene that should be the climax with the FBI agents battling Kester in a hotel room. Clearly because of budget constants the entire FBI team are thrown into a pool as we watch from underneath. What a waste, Buffy Season 1 had a larger budget and that was just for Sarah Michelle Galler's make up.

Maybe if I wasn't a fan of the movies, maybe if I wasn't attaching the same expectations from the films I wouldn't be filled with such disappointment. Does James Cameron know what they have done to the image of his master piece?

Now for the real question, will Fox renew this poor excuse for entertainment in the name of making more money?


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