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Review: New Amsterdam: Soldier`s Heart

Season 1 / Episode 3 / "Soldier's Heart"
"We discover more about John and end things with a twist of sour."
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This episode focused more on the crime than the life of John. Although, we did get a peek at one of his past career choices. We also saw John finally meet up with his possibly true love who will break John's curse. I'm glad that they didn't drag out this union for too long.

John's complete discloser when coming talking about his past is quite daring. I can almost foresee this is going to be a future storyline when his partner catches on. But having the ability to go back and let us discover John's past is a great asset for the show.

And again for the third or fourth time this season we're slapped in the face with a twist we didn't see coming. His true love is... married. Great television!


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