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Review: New Amsterdam: Keep the Change

Season 1 / Episode 5 / "Keep the Change"
"People close to you can always tell when you're holding back."
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With the ending of this episode we hit a topic which was in the forefront of my mind. Whenever someone gets close they can always see that you're holding something back, that something doesn't quite add up. Sure co-workers and people in everyday life don't see it. But someone you're intimate with someone and they want to know your every detail about your life - they will pick it.

That was really side story to the bigger issue here, John has had demons to deal with over the 400 years of his existence. Including 60 something children that he has to either abandon them or watch them die. That takes something out of a man.

Last week I made the comment that it was great to see a show have the two main characters who were meant to be together - get together. Maybe I spoke too soon. Maybe the show would end if that was too happen. But I haven't lost hope, this is an epic tale and I look forward to the next chapter.


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