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Review: Burn Notice: Unpaid Debts

Season 1 / Episode 6 / "Unpaid Debts"
"Gun fights, action scenes and fast boats, yet I'm still not feeling it."
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This episode marks the half way point of the first season and it went off with a bang. By far the most action we've seen so far. Guns, piles of money on fire and expensive boats, yet I'm still not feeling it. What this show is lacking is character.

I want to see Michael make a mistake. I want to see his human side. This picture perfect robot is as fake as his smile. His side kicks Fi & Sam aren't much better. Zero chemistry nor any on screen presence.

Look the show isn't bad, just poorly executed. They have aimed for a Bond main character and gotten boring, when they should have aimed for a Bruce Willis from Die Hard, or even a Jason Bourne - Slick, hard as nails but still human.


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