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Summary: Veronica Mars: Season 1

Summary / Veronica Mars / Season 1
"Great characters, fresh well planned creative & mysterious writing have you addicted from the first episode."
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After 22 episodes finally everything fits into place. What strikes me most about Veronica Mars is the writing. Everything is planned, executed and paced so well you don't see anything coming. No episode is standalone everything links together only ever making sense until Rob Thomas wants it to.

We had quite a ride this season: Who killed Lilly Kane? Who raped Veronica Mars? Who is Veronica's biological Father? Plus over 20 other cases along the way. You can't help but connect with the characters. Veronica has this witty strong side that sees her solving cases and helping her father. But she has this softer side aswell, driven to discover who killed her best friend but still finds time for teenage things and boys along the way.

Its great to see a television show targeted towards the teen market which adults can enjoy a like that isn't dealing with tired boring "Dawson's Creek" topics. There is real brains behind Veronica Mars and that is clear every single episode.

What a great season and I hope that Veronica Mars can continue to deliver for season two and if it can its going to be around for a long time to come.


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