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Review: Veronica Mars: A Trip to the Dentist

Season 1 / Episode 21 / "A Trip to the Dentist"
"Incest its what the cool kids are doing."
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At one stage of this episode I was in complete belief that Veronica & Duncan had committed incest and this would have to be the first time in my knowledge that mainstream television would suggest such a taboo topic. But it also gives clear insight into why Duncan cut all ties to Veronica. Something that we learnt some 20 episodes ago! Again points for excellently writing and forethought.

In true Veronica Mars/Rob Thomas style we witness the story change and twist along the way until we learn the truth that it was indeed Duncan who slept with Veronica that night. Veronica also is thrown in the deep end when a surprise Birthday Party for Logan outs their relationship. Logan proves his commitment and shows the door to long time friend Dick. But its Duncan who takes it the hardest.

Keith discovers a witness which proves Abel was with a call girl at the time of the murder throwing the Kane's case into provable question. We end the episode with Veronica discovering video equipment above the bed in Logan's pool house.

Everything is starting to finish up nicely, you can just feel the build up for next weeks episode!


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