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Review: Veronica Mars: The Girl Next Door

Season 1 / Episode 7 / "The Girl Next Door"
"Nothing eventful came to pass, but still worth the watch."
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In the overall measurement of the season this episode played little reference to the main themes of the show. But still if I had the option I wouldn't overlook "The Girl Next Door". We still discover that Jake Kane & Leanne Mars were a couple during High School, Weevil has a tattoo of Lilly on his back and there is something more to Duncan breaking up with Veronica.

This episode really didn't contain any huge news to the major mysteries in the show. But still it was interesting to watch the case unfold. We've learnt that there is more to the Duncan and Veronica break up and that Kane's and Mars's have a history.

Again Veronica Mars is a joy to watch, this has to be my favourite show of 2004.


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