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Review: Firefly: Shindig

Season 1 / Episode 4 / "Shindig"
"A spoonful of action would have helped this episode go down."
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Again Firefly displays such strong themes in which you'd expect from Western style genre and throws it into a futuristic Science Fiction setting. With Inara, Kaylee & Mal all attending a grand ball and later having a Western style sword duel the episode just screams of Cowboys and Indians.

Visually the episode is spectacular something you'd expect of a big budget movie. The sets, costumes and the choreography of the dancing scenes is beyond words. Besides that the episode moved a little too slow for me and I'd prefer my Sci-Fi with a little more action.

But at its heart it showed us that Mal does have deeper feelings for Inara and I think this theme will continue throughout the series. Overall a slower episode but it built character for Mal & Inara's relationship.


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