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Review: Firefly: Serenity

Season 1 / Episode 1 / "Serenity"
"Whedon takes two completely different genres and mixes them together flawlessly in a way only Joss can do."
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Joss Whedon is never afraid to throw caution to the wind. Only he could pull off a futuristic science fiction meets western television show set 500 years in the future. Some might call this episode a little slow to get started and that is most likely the reason that Fox changed the order of the episodes making this the second last to air of the season.

The episode is beautifully written and we're slowly introduced to Caption Reynolds and the Crew of Serenity. The computer animation throughout the episode is breathtaking and gives the show extra credibility and realism.

As expected Whedon gives the characters great witty dialogue to play with and in a way that only he can. With a sense of humour and dignity you feel connected to the characters as if you were close friends.

The idea of the show is extremely unique and has endless possibilities for story arcs. I hope that Fox will give it the run it deserves and won't continue to limit Whedon's creative vision.

It appears that everything Whedon touches is gold and I'm looking forward to seeing what is coming next...


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