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Review: Firefly: Jaynestown

Season 1 / Episode 7 / "Jaynestown"
"Drama with a touch of comedy and a hint of heart."
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What a laugh! Jayne a mistaken hero on a planet of mud farmers... Even with a folk song its truly funny on so many levels. Humour is a running theme on Firefly, last week with Mal's new found bride and this week with Jayne's new found heroism.

Great writing again is at the core of Jaynestown. We also witnessed the relationship between Simon and Kaylee develop further. But Simon like a true man says the wrong thing at the wrong time... But none the less there is chemistry.

Having Jayne brought back to earth by a young "mudder" sacrificing himself so his hero could live on was a good way of ending the episode. Ensures that he doesn't want to remain on the planet and keeps his ego in check for future episodes aswell. This also marks the middle of the season.


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